Saturday, January 30, 2010

In my head, i see you all over me. In my head, you'll fulfill my fantasy.

laken: peach cotton on tank, MNG Basics vest, Mango lime green skinnies, butterfly necklace

i went to the dentist today! okay, that was probably the LAST thing you'd expect to read on here hahaha. but i did, and my teeth (braces included) are incredibly clean. it's quite nice.
enough of my weirdness! just gonna say that yes, you can see my sunburn soooo badly here. thanks to the tank top. but this is NOTHING compared to what it was like at the beginning of the week! you can see it here.
what i really really really like about this outfit is that i wasn't thinking about it too hard. well, i was before, and i came up with nothing special. (you might think that even this is nothing special, and that's okay) and then i just like went in my mom's closet (yeah the vest is hers. the woman's got good taste!) and saw it and it was like BING BING BING WINNER. without it, i would look like a watermelon. go ahead, admit it. big time watermelon girl right here.

song of the shoot: in my head-jason derulo

I Was a Lady In Red Last Saturday Night

okay: yes, this is a fashion blog. no, this is not a fashion photo. but it is awesome and it represents our name.

you rock!

our 5 (well, it's supposed to be 10, but we chose the five best blogs OF ALL TIME.) awards go to:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I got a pocket full of sunshineee

annika: forever 21 jeans, ebay shoes, american eagle outfitters v-neck shirt, forever 21 ring, disneyland bracelet, four seasons gift shop souvenir bracelet, tiffany and co. bracelet, pandora bracelet, forbidden city vendor mao watch
laken: esprit shirt, aeropostale shorts, monsoon headband, cotton on ring, forever 21 dove necklace, t-strap sandals

okay, got it out of my system
gosh i am soooooooo sick right now. i'm pretty sure everyone in my classes think i'm totally gross from the amount of sneezing i do. i should probably have stayed home today, but it was alternate dress, and annika wanted to take pictures, so i couldn't miss this! it's likely i'll stay home tomorrow though...i seriously need to get some sleep. when you get a cold and you can't breathe through your nose, do you feel like a total retard sitting there with ur mouth open all the time? CAUSE I DO.
*sigh* welcome to flu season.

ok laken and i are crazy matching. she doesn't believe me but we are! ok. so this thursday (tomorrow) i'm going to can you guess? THE BOYS LIKE GIRLS CONCERT! insane right? i'm so excited!!! and then take another guess at what i'm doing. GOING ON INTERIM IN 10 DAYS! yep. france here i come!!! i am soo soo soo excited! i've gone before but this time no parents (i'm going with ebony). hehe. you can't even comprehend my excitedness :D
wish me luck!!!
ps. if you were wondering what my hand says. it says boots. don't ask. XD

Sunday, January 24, 2010

You gave my life direction, a game show love connection; we can't deny

school uniform top and bottoms, converse sneakers, cotton on knee socks, jansport yellow backpack, esprit vest, butterfly necklace

bonjour tout le monde!
here's another uniform post, kind of like our very first post ever! this is another variation of the oh-so-famous sas uniform....without all the dress code rules and regulations. would i ever be allowed to wear that vest to school? NEVER! but this is the real world and i like it better that way. annika's new blog, Welcome to Toyland, well, let's just say i'm OBSESSED. please go over and tell her how awesome she is :D.
UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, SINGAPORE MIGHT OPEN NEXT WEEKEND. and holy bajolee are we excitedddd. if we go, we're taking a bagillion pictures so you will get to witness the fun. if it doesn't open next weekend, we're making a music video to the song je veux te voir, and it's gonna be hilarious! so check out annika and my youtube page.
au revoir mes amis(:

p.s. okay i've never seen anyone put as many links in two paragraphs. ever. sorry!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

i'm a barbie girl in a barbie world

here is just a little taste of what i am doing on another blog. it's called Welcome to Toyland. go check it out! but yes. i hope you like it. and i will put more on my new blog :D but i will still post pictures on this blog with laken bo baken! (i spelled it right ;) )
love always,
ps. it will still be a fashion blog...but with dolls...i'm not weird...i'm quirky.

Friday, January 15, 2010

i hate how you say you love me now

ebony: Supré tank and skirt, Diva necklace, Charles heels
annika: Cotton On sequin shorts, Old Navy denim shirt, Mondo flats, scarf (unknown)
laken: Cotton On Shirt, Diva headband, Forever 21 skirt, Heatwave heels

so a couple of nights ago we went to The Cookie Museum at the Esplanade Mall and drank tea along with cakes and cookies. naturally. it was really awesome! because at one point we wanted to see if we could talk thru the glass window, so laken goes outside. but then apparently we weren't there so laken freaked out. so she went outside again, but we were sitting down and giving laken "the look". so i think she is possibly going crazy but I DON'T KNOW! haha. also i apoligize for the complete grossness of me in my pictures but enjoy the beautifulness of laken and ebs!

okay so basically, annika has already said it all. but i suppose i should probably say something....hmmm. so, we went down on the singapore river right outside the esplanade to take some shots. of course, there were lots of people around to see me almost flash my butt at the river (as seen in the second-to-last picture haha.) so we were taking our pictures fine and dandy and they were turning out really well, and then this guy comes up and is like "Hey, i'm a professional photographer! want me to take some pictures of you guys?" and we're like sure...okay those pictures were the worst ones out of all the pictures we took. like no joke, we didn't post a single one that he took lol. anywho, hope you're enjoying life (:

quote of the shoot: (location; taxi) *taxi driver* so how old are you guys? 16?
*laken* yeah, sure
*ebony and annika* yes
*taxi driver* oh, see? i have such sharp eyes! --note, we were lying. no, your eyes are not that sharp...sorry
(time passes...)
*annika* go straight on this road
*taxi driver* Oh My God (totally shocked, amazed voice like this is the most amazing experience of his life)
*everyone* ...whaa?
*ebony* new experience! yay!
(time passes...)
*annika* turn right on the driveway
*taxi driver* OH MY GOD....OH MY GOD
*laken* i think he likes your house, annika.
*ebony* hahaha
*everyone* BYE UNCLE.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let's get rich and buy everyone nice sweaters

laken's jacket up close. isn't it awesome?! - annika

laken: Warehouse military jacket, 2 a.m. t-shirt, American Eagle denim shorts, Converse All Stars, Cotton On ring, River Island necklace, Tissot watch
annika: Molly B. denim jacket, J. Crew dress, Old Navy shoes

yes. i have an obsession with all things sparkly and/or shiny. can you blame me? also frills...ok, i admit it, anything flashy and girly catches my eye. anyway. laken's jacket is the cutest thing EVER! super jealousy over it! she got it for christmas i think. also, guess how long it took to do my hair. go ahead. estimate. are you ready? 5 minutes. yes. i'm very proud especially sense i can't even manage to brush it properly in the morning XD
as the my little ponies say "shine on",
ps. project runway comes out today! AH! so excited!!

okay i gotta admit: while annika's photos are totally amazing adorable gah (yeah, gah has become an adjective) i honestly think my photos are total poop for this post. so i apologize. not the most interesting as far as mine. i would say more but I HAVE ENGLISH HOMEWORK. grrrrrr.
yes, as annika (and my little ponies) says,
*shine on*

Sunday, January 10, 2010

i say the world could be burning til there's nothing but dark blue

hey sexy ^
the peir at east coast ^
reality vs. illusion ^

okay i'm not gonna even bother putting what we're wearing because this is hardly a fashionable post! this is more of my photographic side :) today i went to east coast park with claudia, chelsea, and angela to ride bikes. okay first of all, as you can see in the last two pictures, we rode double bikes! i think they're called something special but i can't think of what it is haha. anyway, THOSE THINGS ARE MUCH HARDER TO RIDE THAN THEY LOOK. like no joke, it took us ten minutes of falling over to finally get moving! so yes, GORGEOUS day so i whipped out my huge camera (yeah, i had to ride that bike with a ginormous camera around my neck, not fun). also, about those last two pictures. while, in the first one, i love the colors, i'm more drawn to the black and white. can't figure out why. can anyone help me? okaaay well im out. sorry if you were looking for some amazing new outfit to wear this weekend (wait, the weekend's OVER. waaaah) but yes, i just really wanted to share this(:

song of the shoot: dark blue-jack's mannequin

Saturday, January 9, 2010

tell the teacher we're surfin' surfin' U.S.A.

annika: koa nut necklace (worn as bracelet), vintage shirt, Ariat boots, Xtonic skirt

hihi! i'm going back home to singapore tomorrow morning! it's going to be like 2 days of traveling on the plane. exciting. but this outfit isn't for the plane. i wore it yesterday because it was rainy and i felt like brown would be an appropriate colour. you can't really see but the shirt has such pretty detailing! it's so delicate. i love this shirt :D
ps. my dad took the pictures. thankyou pappa!

song of the shoot: surfin' usa - beach boys

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Don't fly fast. Oh, pilot can you help me? Can you make this last? This plane is all I got So keep it steady, now Cause every inch you see is bruised.

laken: cotton on tank, cotton on high-waisted skirt, forever 21 necklace, im@ge turn heels, cotton on ring
ciara: forever 21 fringe tank, topshop high-waisted skirt, diva ring, mondo peep-toe heels

i don't know exactly what to write so here's ciara...oh and btw that last picture is of the fringe detailing on ciara's tank top, you just can't see it it any of the other pictures ):

Almost getting hit by a car is a thing that can motivate, exasperate, and humiliate so when we almost did, I was happy to say the infamous statement "I ALMOST GOT HIT BY A CAR". We decided that instead of shooting this by a nice, even lighted, modern swimming pool, we would shoot it on an abandoned road, or so I was told. While on the "abandoned" road we got whisteld at, thumbs up'ed to, and Marilyn Monroe'd. Marilyn Monroe'd you may ask? Two girls, wind, and skirts. Make and educated guess.
The things us girls will do for fashion, extraordinary.

song of the shoot: bruised-Jack's Mannequin