Friday, January 15, 2010

i hate how you say you love me now

ebony: Supré tank and skirt, Diva necklace, Charles heels
annika: Cotton On sequin shorts, Old Navy denim shirt, Mondo flats, scarf (unknown)
laken: Cotton On Shirt, Diva headband, Forever 21 skirt, Heatwave heels

so a couple of nights ago we went to The Cookie Museum at the Esplanade Mall and drank tea along with cakes and cookies. naturally. it was really awesome! because at one point we wanted to see if we could talk thru the glass window, so laken goes outside. but then apparently we weren't there so laken freaked out. so she went outside again, but we were sitting down and giving laken "the look". so i think she is possibly going crazy but I DON'T KNOW! haha. also i apoligize for the complete grossness of me in my pictures but enjoy the beautifulness of laken and ebs!

okay so basically, annika has already said it all. but i suppose i should probably say something....hmmm. so, we went down on the singapore river right outside the esplanade to take some shots. of course, there were lots of people around to see me almost flash my butt at the river (as seen in the second-to-last picture haha.) so we were taking our pictures fine and dandy and they were turning out really well, and then this guy comes up and is like "Hey, i'm a professional photographer! want me to take some pictures of you guys?" and we're like sure...okay those pictures were the worst ones out of all the pictures we took. like no joke, we didn't post a single one that he took lol. anywho, hope you're enjoying life (:

quote of the shoot: (location; taxi) *taxi driver* so how old are you guys? 16?
*laken* yeah, sure
*ebony and annika* yes
*taxi driver* oh, see? i have such sharp eyes! --note, we were lying. no, your eyes are not that sharp...sorry
(time passes...)
*annika* go straight on this road
*taxi driver* Oh My God (totally shocked, amazed voice like this is the most amazing experience of his life)
*everyone* ...whaa?
*ebony* new experience! yay!
(time passes...)
*annika* turn right on the driveway
*taxi driver* OH MY GOD....OH MY GOD
*laken* i think he likes your house, annika.
*ebony* hahaha
*everyone* BYE UNCLE.


  1. That was a fun night and you all look so gorgeous. The taxi driver must have been so mesmerized.

  2. that's a little creepy on the taxi drivers part...laken, you can probably think of what would be running through my mind at that moment...haha
    anyway, you all look beautiful as usual...i must sound like a broken record...I'LL FIND NEW WORDS TO SAY!
    btw, i'm typing this while eating a taco wrap and fries :) yum... slaughtered cow...

  3. ANNIKAAA. i'm pretty sure i got you this scarf like for your birthday or christmas or something. :D