Monday, November 16, 2009

All You Need Is Trust And A Little Bit Of Pixie Dust.

Laken: Forever 21 tights, uniform polo and shorts, Giordano cardigan, Diva headband
Annika: Uniform polo, skirt, and cardigan, E-bay shoes, J-Crew headband

Ok. Laken is the girl with wavy hair and Annika is the girl with straight hair. Just to get that confusion cleared up :D

Anywho, we wanted to do something fun with our school uniform so we did! We took the pictures at our highschool during our free and it took FOREVER to post them (the whole day). Hopefully, it won't take as long the next time.


Quote of the Shoot:
Laken - Get the bench...and put it in the middle of the field!
Annika - ....... * eyes twitch *


  1. What happened to your shoe in the 5th picture, Laken? haha.


  2. hahaha oh dear, you noticed that?
    it's just the way my foot was twisted
    but trust me, it's still there

  3. Your old but not necessarily stodgey Farmor really likes this! It brings back memories of my mini-skirted, yellow hose days in the '60s (that's 1960s).......

  4. you two look gorgeous! I loved that photo of you on the bench, and annika standing in front of the scoreboard.
    Just so you know, i'll be on here, like, keep on taking photos and whatnot!
    love ya!

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