Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Let's get rich and buy everyone nice sweaters

laken's jacket up close. isn't it awesome?! - annika

laken: Warehouse military jacket, 2 a.m. t-shirt, American Eagle denim shorts, Converse All Stars, Cotton On ring, River Island necklace, Tissot watch
annika: Molly B. denim jacket, J. Crew dress, Old Navy shoes

yes. i have an obsession with all things sparkly and/or shiny. can you blame me? also frills...ok, i admit it, anything flashy and girly catches my eye. anyway. laken's jacket is the cutest thing EVER! super jealousy over it! she got it for christmas i think. also, guess how long it took to do my hair. go ahead. estimate. are you ready? 5 minutes. yes. i'm very proud especially sense i can't even manage to brush it properly in the morning XD
as the my little ponies say "shine on",
ps. project runway comes out today! AH! so excited!!

okay i gotta admit: while annika's photos are totally amazing adorable gah (yeah, gah has become an adjective) i honestly think my photos are total poop for this post. so i apologize. not the most interesting as far as mine. i would say more but I HAVE ENGLISH HOMEWORK. grrrrrr.
yes, as annika (and my little ponies) says,
*shine on*


  1. annika... your outfit is beautiful
    your hair is cute
    and your just stunning

  2. You two are adorable! Love the halo braid!!

  3. u're look so awesomee..
    luv u're sneakers...efforless but chic...

  4. i love both of the jackets! adorable!

  5. pretty hair with the braid!