Sunday, January 3, 2010

aloha oe aloha oe

annika: Old Navy dress, J. Crew cardigan (worn as belt), Molly B. pearl bracelet and earings, Lilly Pulitzer flip flops, Far East sunglasses

so far i have a shorts tan and no sunburn! and i have been on the beach everyday for hours. but we didn't get to go kiteboarding today, hopefully we will tomorrow. i am determined to stand up on the board :D my favorite part of this outfit are my sunglasses. they look like john lennen glasses which, in my opinion, kick the other sunglasses butts. OH and Brit was the photographer for this shoot. That also means my camera is fully powered and working! i am so happy. i am the official photo taker for our family vacation again! :D

song of the shoot: aloha oe - lilo and stitch soundtrack

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