Sunday, January 10, 2010

i say the world could be burning til there's nothing but dark blue

hey sexy ^
the peir at east coast ^
reality vs. illusion ^

okay i'm not gonna even bother putting what we're wearing because this is hardly a fashionable post! this is more of my photographic side :) today i went to east coast park with claudia, chelsea, and angela to ride bikes. okay first of all, as you can see in the last two pictures, we rode double bikes! i think they're called something special but i can't think of what it is haha. anyway, THOSE THINGS ARE MUCH HARDER TO RIDE THAN THEY LOOK. like no joke, it took us ten minutes of falling over to finally get moving! so yes, GORGEOUS day so i whipped out my huge camera (yeah, i had to ride that bike with a ginormous camera around my neck, not fun). also, about those last two pictures. while, in the first one, i love the colors, i'm more drawn to the black and white. can't figure out why. can anyone help me? okaaay well im out. sorry if you were looking for some amazing new outfit to wear this weekend (wait, the weekend's OVER. waaaah) but yes, i just really wanted to share this(:

song of the shoot: dark blue-jack's mannequin


  1. That last photo is amazing! You're so talented!

  2. Love the blog!

  3. i llike that u are tooo happy girls,live their life..the song is very cute..