Wednesday, December 30, 2009

be heard without shouting.

laken: voyage wedges, forever 21 mesh high waisted skirt, forever 21 barbie vintage t, cotton on blazer, river island diamond necklace

hey, so I was totally inspired by this picture:
(i would have added the socks, but i could only find one of my knee-socks! agh, maybe i'll add more pictures with the socks later so keep checking)
so yes, again, crappy picture quality. i swear to god if i don't find my camera soon i'm gonna go freakin crazy. i tried to fix it with iphoto editor, and it definitely looks better than the original photobooth, but still! mah! i've been looking around like crazy and if i don't find it...i'm seriously gonna cry.

song of the shoot: bittersweet symphony - the verve

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

nope, i don't know a thing about love.

laken: forever 21 dove necklace, hula co. mini dress, cotton on ring, im@ge turn heels

hola lovies. i'm in the process of moving apartments so i've been super busy still unpacking and stuff, so that's why you haven't seen me in a while i guess. annika's in hawaii (lucky butt!) so i'm stuck in singapore by myself waiting for someone to show up so i can actually have a LIFE. hahaha. i hope you all had lovely Christmases!

p.s. i don't know if this is just me being paranoid, but some people don't seem to have noticed that we are two different people! haha. so i'm laken, wavy hair. annika's my bestie, the one with the straight hair. look at our main picture if you're having any confusion(:

p.p.s. (annika thinks that sounds weird and i agree) sorry for the crappy photo quality. in the process of the move, i have misplaced my camera *AHH I KNOW. TRAGETY :'(* so i had to use photobooth on my computer. sorry, i'll try to make sure that doesn't happen again.

song of the shoot: walk you home - the passengers

Friday, December 25, 2009

earth angel earth angel will you be mine?

this is my older sister :D she took all the pictures
and i've borrowed a majority of her clothes.
annika: Ebay vintage 50's shirt, skirt, and belt, Gap flats, Pandora charm bracelet
brit: captain planet sweatshirt, Lucky jeans

merry christmas! this dress and my sister's sweatshirt were christmas presents and the camera i took pictures with was too! :D best christmas ever. i also got a vintage 50's prom dress. it's all frilly and lacy and absolutely gorgeous. i just need it to be altered a bit because it's a size 0 and i am not even close to that. ahhh i just love the 50's. they were so proud to have curves. which is the complete opposite of now (where we have to be stick thin). but anyway i love the 50's. if you have time watch The Blob on youtube or House of Wax (the 50's versions), the clothes are amazing and they are so cool. Also, watch Grease. Classic.
bah womb ba ba doo bop bah wop bam boo,

song of the shoot: johnny b. goode - the hit crew

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

YO i tell you what i want, what i really really want. So tell me what you want, what you really really want.

she is monkey lady.
ghost man!!!
annika: Gap skirt, Far East shirt, The Trendy zone studded booties, cinching belt, Louis Vuitton purse
laken: Zara jeans, American Eagle tank top, Esprit Cardigan, Imageturn studded heels

sorry it's so image heavy...but anyway. laken and i walked all up and down orchard road cause i was trying to find sequin shorts. we were there for 3 hours and no sequin shorts :( so we went back to my house and decided to go to the cotton on store at anchor point. and guess what! they had them. just waiting for me. my size. and yes. they were sequined. so my life is complete :D
ziggazickahhhh, annika

now let me see your hips SWIIING.

quotes of the shoot:
*laken and annika walk into warehouse, and are greeted by a WOMAN*
*in a very man man man voice, this WOMAN says* "hello ladies"
*laken and annika scurry away, look at each other, and whisper* "TRANNNNYYYYYY"
the end. :)

annika: who sings replay?
laken: uhhh i think it's Yaz
annika: like the birth control?!!?!?!
laken: -.- yes. like the birth control.

songs of the shoot: swing by savage island, wannabe by the spice girls, replay by iyaz.

Monday, December 21, 2009

this is a world of dreams, where i felt the stars explode around me

i blew a stormtrooper a kiss and high-fived another (they wouldn't let me go near darth vadar...). one of the stormtroopers gave this to me :D
so two days ago i was on orchard with the twins (matt and mike) and when we were near wheelock place we saw DARTH VADAR and his STORMTROOPERS! i started spazzing immediately. wouldn't you? then the other day i was looking at some pictures of darth vadar and i thought of this fabric. i was inspired. now i'm making my first skirt. it's going to be very simple with a band and then it will flow out. oh. and i'm hand sewing it (i don't own a sewing machine...yet (; )ahhh! i'm so excited! wish me luck :D any tips?
DIY, annika

Sunday, December 20, 2009

hard as i try i know i can't quit, something about you is so addictive, i should have known better than trying to let you go cause here we go go go

see? primary colors.

new earings. they rock.

laken: hollister top, gap skirt, topshop beanie, diva earings, mondo heels, belt (unknown)

okay annika and i found these amazing earings at diva today (cineleisure, singapore. go check it out) are they not awesome?!?! seriously, i was so psyched when i saw them hahaha they are my official christmas earings. i'm not going to take them off til like january i swear. so yeahh i had an awesome time with annika, matt and mike. check out my tumblr if you wanna see what we did haha.

song of the shoot: Oh! Gravity by Switchfoot


i'm walking on sunshine

annika: Steve Madden mary-jane heels, Abercrombie braided belt, Fortieer shirt, A Girls skirt

do you remember when peasant skirts were cool? well it was when i was like 10. and that's the time period this skirt is from. i rediscovered it the other day and noticed it was the exact same size as my waist. i can't even remember being that tiny... so now i'm turning every skirt i had when i was an itty bitty baby into a high-waisted skirt. c'est une bon idée, non?
love, annika
ps. 5 days till christmas :D

Friday, December 18, 2009

why can't i breathe whenever i think about? why can't i speak whenever i talk about you?

annika: J. Crew shorts, Acrobat shirt, Old Navy undershirt

i love the back of this shirt. it's so beautiful but if i wore it without an undershirt my mother would kill me. oh oh and my doll in the background looks absolutely gorgeous. it's my goal to get an outfit just like hers someday :P also, the camera you see is my new(ish) one! i absolutely love my Nikon Coolpix5000.
love, annika

song of the shoot: Why Can't I? - Liz Phair

i don't know if you know, but i'm kind of a big deal.

ebony: forever 21 polka-dot jacket and hat, bebe leopard print dress
laken: bebe pink corset dress, bebe gold sequin dress, bebe studded corset, teared skirt, and feather cover

attention all singapore fashionistas: GO TO 313! it's the new mall on somerset and holy asdlgkjldkfjsldkjflsdkfj it has a forever 21 with 4 stories. that's HUGE for singapore standards. so go for it. anywho, miss ebony and i went into this amazing forever 21 and tried on coats for her to get for her trip to paris this spring with annika! (speaking of which, her dress is absolutely gorgeous! looovvveee you annnika) so yeah we found some really really cute coats. i didn't post the one i think she's gonna get cause she says she looks gay in the pictures..whatever. she doesn't. then we went over to Bebe in wisma atria and usually we try on the stupidest stuff we can find, but this time i found two AMAZING dresses. the pink/black and the gold. i'm pretty sure i like the gold one better. but i'm not loving those price tags. does anyone ever like pricetags? unless they're...$2. yeah, i like $2 price tags(: haha. oh well, it's almost christmas, so i know what to tell santa (just to add one more thing to this huge list i've created..oh dear)

songs of the day: Hello Seattle by Owl City/ Big Deal by Anuhea

Thursday, December 17, 2009

apple bottom jeans (jeans) boots with the fur (with the fur)

BEFORE: being beautified
sorry for being really gross looking in this picture
it's the only full body one...-.-
annika: Beth Bowley dress
sorry for the lack of accessories but i wore sparkly sandals with this dress from Lily Pulitzer. i wore it to the "snowball", which was actually really fun. and today was the last day of exams! woot! i'm so happy. now i have 3 weeks to relax. but anyway i just really like the colour and the flowers on this dress. i'm a sucker for frill :P
merry christmas, annika