Monday, November 30, 2009


i'm feeling incredibly inspired by these pictures. mega props to loveology. this first picture is so sweet, i wish i were that cute. haha. second picture, it's impossible NOT to fall in love with those shoes! freakin amazing! and that coat...need i say more? waahhh, i want to wear coats): this is where singapore sucks. boooo. okay, enough moping. i said i was inspired, right? wow, inspired seems to be "the word" of this blog. oh well, it's a good word. (:

also if you look on the loveology, there are some really cool socks...that sounds weird....but there are! they are awesome! GOO LOOOKKKK!
love, annika

What would mother think of my becoming a pirate?

okay, i got the december/january seventeen! i was disappointed with the fashion-sections of it, as i have been a lot lately ):, but these were absolutely fabulous pictures! i had to share...the first picture, Erin looks freaking gorgeous and i LOVE this look, the 90210 girls look amaaaazing in their bright colors and tans ( i am very very very jealous cause i can't tan for my LIFE) the new Miss Dior ad is suuuper cute. i love the Parisian look with the beré and that coat is gorgeous. loooving that color. and omg i cannot get enough of this katy perry picture! this dress if just...gah i want to marry it. if i could, you now i would. and her face is just..really really pretty. duh. okay, i'm inspired!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

you don't need a dollar baby to steal this heart of mine you're heart is worth a million bucks and it's beating next to mine

isabella: Gap dress, rainboots, and clip
annika: RR Dakota coat, Laundry dress, and Target rainboots

well laken wasn't here this weekend because she was in phuket for thanksgiving so i decided that i was going to do a little picture taking with my little sister. it was sooo difficult to get her to focus and then the rain wasn't working XD so this was VERY difficult! but it worked out in the end :D yay!
love, annika

song of the shoot: a million kisses - romance on a rocketship

Sunday, November 22, 2009

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are.

ok the first two are *again* emma watson but from elle (i got the issue in paris this summer!!!!!) i'm not loving the hair and makeup on her, but the first picture...ahh! i'm obsessed with those shoes! the bag and tank are amazing too.
second picture--i can't wear turtlenecks, well i could, but i would die of heat stroke(: but i still love that skirt! my goodness!
jessica szohr just has the most amazing style, and i'd kill for her dress in the third picture and her shorts in the last picture.
and then kristin cavallari's outfit, and style in general, is pretty simplistic, but the way she matched these pieces is amazinggg. i would wear that dress to death, same with the shoes (:
xo- laken.

A Dream Is A Wish Our Heart Makes When We're Fast Asleep

so here's the deal. i love anything japanese, 50's vintage, or...awesome. i love love love leighton meester. she's a fashion genius and her outfit in the first picture is absolutely amazing. i love the sleeves of the girl in the second pictures jacket and her shoes. the third and fourth dresses are just gorgeous. and the blue one is going to be my prom dress for junior or senior year. 'nough said. oh and the fifth is just ADORABLE! the lollita outfits always make me smile :D
love, annika

You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you.

okay, so i'm OBSESSED with emma watson's teen vogue shoot from june or july of this year (i can't remember which month it was) it's sooo inspirational the way she is wearing totally out there, couture stuff yet i feel like i could wear that anytime i want! -laken.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When There's A Smile In Your Heart There's No Better Time To Start It's A Very Simple Plan You Can Do What The Birdies Can.

Laken: The Walking Company heels, thrift store dress, Topshop belt
Annika: Ariat boots, Sweetees dress, Warehouse tights, cinching belt

you can fly you can fly you can fly you can fly you can fly you can fly

hello world(: so, shoot numero dos. we did it at the memory gardens at our school. why our school has a memory garden? absolutely no one knows. it's sooooo random. but yah...our theme: flowy dresses. not intentionally, it actually just worked out that way! as you can see, we both wear ours very differently. annika's dress is simple but she keeps her accessories/shoes major, while my actual dress is the entire outfit with basically nothing else that interesting about it. who's style do you like better? comment and follow!

Quote of the Shoot:
* walking in silence *
Annika - ........
Laken - STOOOOPPPP GOSH! Seriously just stop!
Annika - * spazzes *
Laken - ANNIKAA!!!!!
Annika - what?!?!?!?!!?!? ghfrhgl;wthgwhtiothp

Monday, November 16, 2009

All You Need Is Trust And A Little Bit Of Pixie Dust.

Laken: Forever 21 tights, uniform polo and shorts, Giordano cardigan, Diva headband
Annika: Uniform polo, skirt, and cardigan, E-bay shoes, J-Crew headband

Ok. Laken is the girl with wavy hair and Annika is the girl with straight hair. Just to get that confusion cleared up :D

Anywho, we wanted to do something fun with our school uniform so we did! We took the pictures at our highschool during our free and it took FOREVER to post them (the whole day). Hopefully, it won't take as long the next time.


Quote of the Shoot:
Laken - Get the bench...and put it in the middle of the field!
Annika - ....... * eyes twitch *