Friday, December 18, 2009

why can't i breathe whenever i think about? why can't i speak whenever i talk about you?

annika: J. Crew shorts, Acrobat shirt, Old Navy undershirt

i love the back of this shirt. it's so beautiful but if i wore it without an undershirt my mother would kill me. oh oh and my doll in the background looks absolutely gorgeous. it's my goal to get an outfit just like hers someday :P also, the camera you see is my new(ish) one! i absolutely love my Nikon Coolpix5000.
love, annika

song of the shoot: Why Can't I? - Liz Phair


  1. Love your's so pretty. Maybe you can wear it without an undershirt during summer. I guess your mom will allow you to do that.

    Why can't I think of post titles like yours? Very creative.

  2. i love the title of your post.
    the detailing of the top is very pretty.

  3. very nice dear(: i bet you can get away without the undershirt sometime haha i'll help you be sneaky about it.