Friday, December 25, 2009

earth angel earth angel will you be mine?

this is my older sister :D she took all the pictures
and i've borrowed a majority of her clothes.
annika: Ebay vintage 50's shirt, skirt, and belt, Gap flats, Pandora charm bracelet
brit: captain planet sweatshirt, Lucky jeans

merry christmas! this dress and my sister's sweatshirt were christmas presents and the camera i took pictures with was too! :D best christmas ever. i also got a vintage 50's prom dress. it's all frilly and lacy and absolutely gorgeous. i just need it to be altered a bit because it's a size 0 and i am not even close to that. ahhh i just love the 50's. they were so proud to have curves. which is the complete opposite of now (where we have to be stick thin). but anyway i love the 50's. if you have time watch The Blob on youtube or House of Wax (the 50's versions), the clothes are amazing and they are so cool. Also, watch Grease. Classic.
bah womb ba ba doo bop bah wop bam boo,

song of the shoot: johnny b. goode - the hit crew


  1. i love that third picture where you're spinning. this is trés cute dear (:

  2. Hi darling!!
    thanks for visiting my blog ;)
    You have an adorable blog and style!!!!
    have a happy holidays!

  3. the vintage dress is so amazing. I love vintage:


  4. Merry Christmas! and that's such a cute dress! very cool u live in singapore, i will be visiting singapore end of next month, cant wait! :)


  5. thanks dear for the sweet comment...
    btw,i follow u :)