Friday, December 18, 2009

i don't know if you know, but i'm kind of a big deal.

ebony: forever 21 polka-dot jacket and hat, bebe leopard print dress
laken: bebe pink corset dress, bebe gold sequin dress, bebe studded corset, teared skirt, and feather cover

attention all singapore fashionistas: GO TO 313! it's the new mall on somerset and holy asdlgkjldkfjsldkjflsdkfj it has a forever 21 with 4 stories. that's HUGE for singapore standards. so go for it. anywho, miss ebony and i went into this amazing forever 21 and tried on coats for her to get for her trip to paris this spring with annika! (speaking of which, her dress is absolutely gorgeous! looovvveee you annnika) so yeah we found some really really cute coats. i didn't post the one i think she's gonna get cause she says she looks gay in the pictures..whatever. she doesn't. then we went over to Bebe in wisma atria and usually we try on the stupidest stuff we can find, but this time i found two AMAZING dresses. the pink/black and the gold. i'm pretty sure i like the gold one better. but i'm not loving those price tags. does anyone ever like pricetags? unless they're...$2. yeah, i like $2 price tags(: haha. oh well, it's almost christmas, so i know what to tell santa (just to add one more thing to this huge list i've created..oh dear)

songs of the day: Hello Seattle by Owl City/ Big Deal by Anuhea


  1. Hi there! Just dropping by... saw your blog from Fashion Toast. Anyway, it's great to know that there is a F21 store in Singapore now. That will make it the nearest store from Manila. *sobs* Still too far from me. I have to just rely on online shopping still.

    Love your blog girl.

  2. news on

    It sleeting in France, come to see that :)