Saturday, February 20, 2010

we got dat bratitude. brat-tat-tat-tat we got cho back.

laken - My Michelle dress, Spotlight belt, TopShop shoes, H&M leather bow clip
annika - J. Crew shorts, L.L. Bean shirt, Just Women shoes, Gap Bow, random yellow belt...


howdy doo. we have not posted in a WHILE, we're busy with our new blogs (laken's and annika's) oh yeah! and our oh so busy social calendars (uh.....?) jk we have no lives! and to prove it to you, watch our new youtube video! and that's all i have to say.
oh yeah and annika looks ADORABLE

song of the shoot: Bratitude by the BRATZ


  1. happy pictures! just find your blog..and i like it =)
    have a great weekend!

    peace & love

  2. You are so cute love your all pictures..:)