Tuesday, February 16, 2010

oh champs élysées

taxi? don't you mean metro!
these are borrowed by me from ebony who borrowed them from miranda.

annika: unknown boots, dress seen here, juicy couture coat, top shop tights, unknown gloves

bonjour mes amis! haven't posted in what seems like forever! how are you all? i'm good. i just got back from the city of love. the fashion and art capital of the world (well in my mind). the place i am going to live in when i grow up. paris. it was just amazing. i've been there before but now i speak french. which just makes the experience better (because now i can order crépes) :D we visited the louvre, the arc du triumphe, the musée d'orsay, and pretty much all the touristy stuff you can think of (just incase you were wondering. yes. we visited the eiffel tower :D ) well it is really late and school is starting tomorrow so i got to go to bed. if you want to see more pictures of france then look here. :D

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