Sunday, January 3, 2010

i don't expect a southern girl to know the northern lights

laken: forever21 snoopy sweatshirt, cotton on leggings

these were all taken with my mom's canon E05 (which she never uses so i don't see why she doesn't just give it to me!) isn't the quality awesome!? told you i'd get better pictures up soon! haha...okay a few notes about annika's last post: a) isn't it totally teen vogue? b) i'm starting to warm up to those glasses...NOT SAYING I LIKE THEM..just don't completely hate them anymore. haha. c) those last two pictures are so freakin gorgeous it's insane. d) lol christian...ruining the pictures. okay enough of that! so this is my comfy outfit. haha, and yes, it happens to be insanely comfy. i got the snoopy sweatshirt for christmas: isn't it ADORABLE?! i love it. i live in it. you can't blame me right? anywho, still super jealous of annika. super. duper. jealous. happy new year, blogger!