Saturday, January 2, 2010

but i won't hesititate no more, no more. this cannot wait.

the family minus our mom. she hurt her leg. aloha from hawaii! my clothes in these few pictures aren't really cool but hey, i'm hiking and horseback riding. i can't really have anything other than a shirt and some shorts and/or jeans. so anyway. we snorkled a bit. when we were snorkleing my brother, who is TERRIFIED of sharks, he wouldn't go into the pool when he was little cause he thought sharks were in it, saw a tiger shark. he FREAKED OUT. but the guys on the boat thought he was pretty cool. we also saw some whales which was pretty amazing. then today we went to Hana and rode horses and hiked and rode a helecopter. if you haven't done any of the above. do it. now. it is so fun and it's an amazing experience. so yes this post isn't really about my clothes but about the experience. if you haven't gone to hawaii. GO. NOW. you will love it. i promise. :)
ps. i haven't gotten sunburned yet! can you believe it? me. whitey mcwhite white in hawaii for about 4 days now! i'm pretty proud of myself but i can't jinx it yet cause i'm going kiteboarding tomorrow :D

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