Friday, January 1, 2010

bye bye 2009, hola 2010(:

alrighty people it's a new year! my resolutions? to complain less. to save more. to use what i have before buying more. to be kinder. to learn how to use my canon e05!! what are yours?
okay and so these collages are my favorites from 2009. yes, we only blogged for the last 2 months of that year, but we're learning, right? we're so thankful for all the support we've gotten and it's encouraged us to keep going all through next year.
keep commenting and supporting us in the new year!
second star

i'm sorry i haven't posted much this break but i promise i will put some pictures of hawaii up soon :D my resolution. hmmm i haven't thought about it. we didn't even stay up till 12 last night. we just went to a luau and that was that. but none the less i need a resolution! hmmm. ok. my resolutions are to excercise more, eat less (i do love my tacos), and to be nicer. :D what are your resolutions? like laken said thankyou thankyou thankyou for the support! we are so happy we have gone this far :D
happy new year!!! hope you have another absolutely amazing year!
second star

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  1. I'M SUPPORTING YOU! support support support support...
    It's been very enjoyable watching you and annika (okay, that sounded perverted) on your blogs and your fashion stuff and whatnot.
    My new years out more (includes getting back out to the barn and riding), staying on top of my studies, and i'm with you on trying to figure out my Pentax professional camera...the battery dies on my after i take five pictures...its really annoying :(
    But happy 2010! Enjoy these last two years before we all go :(