Friday, December 4, 2009

When will my reflection show who I am...inside?

Annika: Cotton On t-shirt, Old Navy wedges, Sevens jeans
Laken: Topshop t-shirt, white peep-toe heels, Mango high-waisted jeans

MULANNNNNN. yesh. i did quote mulan, and you know it. now, moving along here...I, laken, am obsessed with my new high-waisted, wide-legged jeans. not to brag, but they make my legs look epic! like seriously, anyone who wears them is automatically model material. (annika just got a brownie..yum) I guess our theme would be something like...jeans+graphic t. Not like annika's not tall enough already, she had to go and wear these hugely tall-amplifying wedges that made her look FREAKY tall.but in an awesome way because i think she looks HOT, "cause you're totally not a lesbian," -annika. But yeah, okay, i've basically had nothing important to say so i'm gonna stop talking!

quote of the shoot:
annika - you can be soo gay!
* slaps laken's tummy and back at the same time sandwiching her between her EPIC arms *


  1. I have another thing for you to put in your Will, Laken.
    THOSE KICK AWSS JEANS!!!! (and shoes even though you are Amazon Woman and those will never fit me...) but STILL i Love Them!
    I also love annika's shirt and those shoes...god..i wanna move to's Thursday, December 3, and 33 degrees outside...yeah, i said 33...and you guys can take amazing photos in short-sleeved shirts. The jist: i am jealous of you guys...

  2. yo mai homos. -- homo SAPIENSSSSSSSS.

    i like your clothes?
    i really like your background.
    mirrors are coool.

    Auto-tune is stupid.