Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nobody holds a candle to me in my red high heels.

annika: warehouse dress, "the trendy zone" studded booties, warehouse leggings
laken: aeropostale boyfriend jeans, new york and company blouse, im@ge turn heels

for anyone who lives in singapore, you obviously understand the glory of far east plaza. like, jesus! you can get the most amazing shoes in the world for under $50..and thats pretty spankin good for singapore.

so true!!!! well for those who don't know, the only like american stores we have are the gap (even though it isn't actually the gap) and....that's kinda fails XD but anyways. this stuff is better than the gap :D.....we don't no wot to say....sooo yes GOODBYE!!! :D
love love LOVE, annika

song of the shoot: digital love by daft punk

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  1. Item #3/4/5/6 in the Will: Laken and Annika's shoes, Laken's shirt, and Annika's dress (with leggings).