Monday, January 4, 2010

there’s no place I’d rather be than on my surfboard out at sea

annika: Lily Pulitzer shorts, Shoshanna shirt, Jack Rogers sandals (not in pictures)

today brit was supposed to leave for college in chicago but her flight was canceled. so now she has to stay with her family. aw. poor poor britski. so that means she can take more beautiful pictures for me!!! kudos to her photography. i don't no what i'm going to do without her when she leaves. "mommy is totally awesome she is the best mom ever. she bought me the camera and my outifts. and the trip to hawaii. and she made me from scratch" - mommy. they are staring me down now. my family is sooo weird.
ps. it's orange juice.

song of the shoot: hawaiian roller coaster ride - lilo and stitch soundtrack


  1. Loved this. Pure innocence and natural beauty.

  2. These photo's look as though they could be from a real shoot and your natural beauty... wow... love your posts annika!