Monday, November 30, 2009

What would mother think of my becoming a pirate?

okay, i got the december/january seventeen! i was disappointed with the fashion-sections of it, as i have been a lot lately ):, but these were absolutely fabulous pictures! i had to share...the first picture, Erin looks freaking gorgeous and i LOVE this look, the 90210 girls look amaaaazing in their bright colors and tans ( i am very very very jealous cause i can't tan for my LIFE) the new Miss Dior ad is suuuper cute. i love the Parisian look with the beré and that coat is gorgeous. loooving that color. and omg i cannot get enough of this katy perry picture! this dress if just...gah i want to marry it. if i could, you now i would. and her face is just..really really pretty. duh. okay, i'm inspired!

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