Thursday, December 10, 2009

this is a happy end, come and give me your hand, i'll take you far away

hehe i was falling off the chair XD

annika: New York and Company shirt, Cotton On liquid leggings, The Trendy Zone studded heels, Silkygirl lipstick in Rose

funny story. so i was taking pictures in my room (for this) and my mom comes in and she's like "......? what are you doing annika?!" and i'm just standing there. and then she sees my leggings and she's like "IS THAT PLEATHER?! O MY GOD IT IS! HAHAHAHA". so i start blushing. i am officially embarrassed by my mother...but i still love her :D
mlia, annika
ps. it's NOT pleather. i think it's some spandex of some sort....


  1. ahh i love that first picture! it's gorgeousss. i'll do a shoot tonight at starbucks, AND YOUR MISSIN OUT BIG TIME BABY. but oh well(:

  2. pleather |ˈpleðər|
    imitation leather made from polyurethane